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Canadian Based Gas Compression, Internationally Recognized With Over 1,000 Units Operating Around the World

NEXT Compression specializes in the design, fabrication, assembly, service, and retrofit of gas compressor packages. We also bring our core competencies to other rotating mechanical systems. We service multiple industries around the world and apply that experience to each opportunity. Our growing international footprint is the result of our ability to evolve to with changing priorities and our commitment to challenge both our clients and ourselves to create lasting value.

What’s NEXT in compression is our progressive response to the competing customer priorities of risk-aversion and capital cost reduction. We advocate for commercially attractive alternatives to the default major equipment choices by establishing partnerships and agreements to bring these technical solutions to market. Beyond that, we strive to reduce operational cost with serviceable designs, and keep our small company attitude with large capabilities. All this allows us to minimize transactional costs and bureaucracy. NEXT has led and will continue to lead from a position of innovation and creativity, especially when “industry standard” is an obstacle to continued success.

Rotary Screw
Gas Compressors

Operational flexibility, high turndown capabilities, low maintenance. Typically used for low and medium pressure applications.

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Gas Compressors

Highly configurable, great power efficiencies. Typically used for medium and high pressure applications.

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Rotary Vane
Gas Compressors

Built for harsh operating conditions. Used in low pressure applications.

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What’s NEXT in compression.

NEXT compressor packages are complex mechanical systems designed, fabricated and supported by qualified industry leaders to thrive in any application.

  • 85,000 square feet of combined fabrication space in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  • International installation base and support coverage.
  • Service locations across Western Canada’s primary production areas.
  • Custom engineering capabilities from 40 to 5,000 HP.
  • Strategic supply chain position and unique partnerships.
  • Technical expertise across applications servicing gas production to power generation and everything in between.


University of Toronto – Fuel Gas Booster

CSP Optimization

Husky Energy – Vapor Recovery Unit


Cenovus Energy – Produced Sour Gas Injection

Foster Creek Casing Gas Facility

5 Blue PETRONAS – Refrigeration Compression

Town North - Sour Gas Plant 2 x 55% Northern BC

Keyera – Propane Refrigeration

Wapiti Phase 2

Black Swan – Propane Refrigeration

North Aitken - 100 MM Plant



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